What you'll learn in this course

The Family Caregiver Program helps family caregivers learn how to successfully navigate the health system, and effectively manage the heath of their loved ones. 

This course will be focused on Covid-19. The objectives for each class are below:

Class 1: Basics, Facts and Tools


Understand the role of Family Caregiver.

Learn how to protect yourself, prepare your family.

Learn how to outline an action plan if you or a family member becomes sick.

Class 2: Seeking Care, What to do When and How


Learn when caring for yourself and loved ones is more effective and safer at home.

Learn how to assess whether you need to seek care from a healthcare professional.

Understand the special needs that your parents and/or children may have in dealing with the virus.

Class 3: Caring for Yourself


Learn how to improve your mental health while at home.

Understand your risks for metabolic disease, stroke, and heart diseases.

Learn home-based techniques and activities to reduce your risk.

Class 4: Economic Factors


Understand the financial impact of COVID-19 on you, your family and the national economy.

Learn about public and private assistance programs to help you and your family.

Learn about the social services system and accessing care.

Class 5: What's Next


Learn about the next wave of COVID-19 and how to prepare.

Complete Class review of COVID-19 series.

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